Our Team

Ann Lerit

Occupational Therapist

Mary Ann Lerit, affectionately called Ann, immigrated to Canada from the Philippines with her family in 2012. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy and worked for over 7 years in pediatrics, specifically with children with disabilities.

Joining Ability4Good, Ann is able to put her years of experience to great use by working with special needs children in each different programs. By working with special needs children and their families, Ann feels a sense of satisfaction whenever desired goals and aspirations are achieved. She considers teaching techniques and skills that are necessary to live a normal and wholesome life to special needs children as both important and fulfilling.. Ann enjoys the sincere appreciation she receives from the families and children she works with. She believes a simple “thank you” provides added motivation to improving her attitude and productivity.

Ann says her greatest passion in life is helping others. She loves cooking and enjoys reading books.