Intervention Services

Intervention Services

Ability4Good works to provide two different types of programs for children with special needs and their families. Services can be categorized under Specialized Services and Community Aide.

Early Years Intervention Program

Developmental ages: 0 - 3.5

This is a program designed for very young children (0-3.5) and their families. The goal of this program is to provide opportunities for individually tailored learning experiences early in a child’s development, as young children’s brains are known to be highly open to change and development during this period. Research indicates that intensive intervention may reduce the severity of autism symptoms, accelerate developmental rates across domains (e.g., cognitive, social-emotional, language, motor, daily living), and in some cases, can reverse the expression of the disorder. Our program focuses strongly on developing children’s skills within the context of strong relationships and social connections with their caregivers. Caregiver involvement is a crucial part of this program, as parents are supported to learn the skills necessary to support their child’s development within a variety of natural learning opportunities that occur during family life.

'Skill Builders’ Intervention Program

Developmental ages: 4 - 8

This is a program for children older than 3.5 years who need intensive practice in developing skills in the following areas: language and communication, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, sensory regulation, behaviour management, play and cognitive skills, and daily living skills. Within this program, children will explore their world through music, movement and sensory play to learn and practice a variety of skills.

Integrated Social Skill Development

Developmental ages: 9 -12

This program focuses on teaching children to apply the skills that they have learned in meaningful interactions and friendships with their peers. The program involves a combination of individual skill building, as well as group opportunities.

‘Coming of Age’

Developmental ages: 13 -18

This program is intended to support adolescents and young adults in their transition into adulthood. It focuses on building skills needed for successful relationships, and employment.