Our Team

Ngele Ekwalanga

Family Coach Coordinator

From as early as she can remember, Ngele Ekwalanga has been a performer; whether it is dancing or making funny videos, she is at her best when performing. After working in health care, Ngele decided she needed to make a change. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Calgary, she joined the Enterprise4Good family in October 2014. She started as a Family Coach but like a true performer, she quickly moved up the ranks to the position of Family Coach Coordinator. As Family Coach Coordinator, Ngele is charged not only with finding the right aide support to fit the needs of a family, she places with each family the most suitable Family Coach that can utilize their knowledge and competence to provide the most positive impact.

Ability4Good’s easy-going and supportive atmosphere is most appealing to Ngele as she is able to feel comfortable and relaxed. Working with children with disabilities has been especially wonderful as she is able to be silly and playful, getting down on the floor playing games that stimulate and enhance their minds and skills.

Outside of work, Ngele is passionate about helping others with hair care. Being of mixed race, she found it difficult and costly early on to care for her natural hair. This propelled Ngele to find solutions which she felt compelled to share with others facing similar issues, giving birth to her numerous photos and YouTube tutorial videos on natural hair care.