Radiate Counselling Centre

Radiate Counselling Centre

Radiate Counselling Center - Counselling Program

Radiate Counselling Center aims in improving mental wellness and building healthy relationships in our community. The program offers affordable short term online or in-person services for people aiming to enhance their lives and achieve their goals and aspirations. Radiate Counselling Centre offers the following services: 

  • Individual, couples and family counselling support  
  • Mental wellness workshops  
  • Let's Play & Chat Online Group Social skills group for children  
  • Mental wellness support group for children 

Process for Change  

Radiate Counselling Centre is committed to bringing hope and healing to people’s lives by connecting with their humanity and respecting their uniqueness and life experience. This practice aims to build an atmosphere of trust that will nurture intentional therapeutic conversations to develop and strengthen positive changes in a person’s life. Counsellors use integrated, evidence-based therapeutic approaches and practices, namely person-centered approach, brief solution-focused theories, cognitive behavior theories, family system theories, strength-based approach, resiliency model, trauma-informed practice, and cultural humility. As a result, we hope to bring the light of hope for people to achieve their goals in their life. 

Affordable Counselling Support  

The services of Radiate Counselling Center are offered online and in-person. Online programs are only available for Alberta residents, while in-person services are located at Ability4Good's Calgary facility. The program provides affordable eight weeks of counselling support. This term is renewable based on the person's needs. Payment for counselling support is based on the individual's financial capacity, and services may cost as low as $5/sessions. 

Want to enroll? Have any questions?

Please contact John Marquina, Group Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 581-700-6749

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