Our Team

Shelley Wiebe

Behaviour Consultant

Shelley Wiebe has never met a child she did not fall in love with. She has worked with children throughout her fifteen year career, and has never imagined herself doing anything else. She is passionate about providing families and children with the skills necessary to enjoy their relationships and time together. With a diploma in Social Work from Mount Royal College, Shelley has always found her passion in assisting those in needs. She has worn several hats since coming on board at Ability4Good such as Family Coach Coordinator, Front-line Therapist, Behaviour Consultant and most recently Triple P Practitioner. Shelley has more than 10 years of experience working with children, youth, and adults on the Autism Spectrum.

Shelley credits Ability4Good’s team based approach to intervention as being crucial to achieving set goals. She believes that in order for strategies to work, the entire team must work closely together with the families to make sure that objectives are being met as a whole.

Shelley loves hanging out with her two boys, watching movies and baking.