Social Groups

Social Groups

Social Thinking Groups are a fun way to learn and practice important social skills in a group setting. These groups follow the curriculum from The Incredible Flexible You program, created by Ryan E. Hendrix, Kari Zweber Palmer, Nancy Tarshis and Michelle Garcia Winner.

Groups will focus on several important concepts:

  • Understanding the thoughts and feelings of others.
  • Being part of a group and working together.
  • Interpreting other’s body language.
  • Showing people you are listening and paying attention to them.
  • ‘Reading people’s minds’ by watching what they are doing.

Groups are intended for the following:

  • Children who are Preschool age to Grade 2.
  • Normal or ‘near normal’ language skills.
  • Great for children with a diagnosis of ASD; however, any child who has difficulty understanding and relating to others would benefit.
  • Children who have transitioned from one-on-one intervention and are ready to practice skills in a group setting.

The groups run as evening sessions once weekly for 8 weeks (session length is 1.5 hours). Opportunities for parent learning and discussion are provided while children are in session.

For more information, please contact Kerry Campbell at (403) 262-9445 x 117 or email [email protected]