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Winter 2020 STRIVE & THRIVE Programs

Check out our program guides for our respite services (STRIVE) and group recreation programs (THRIVE) for Winter 2020 season.

STRIVE is a center-based respite aide program, which aims to build friendships with peers through play and social activities while providing respite for families.

We will also be having a STRIVE Winter 2020 Special program that aims to support children to transition from holiday mode into the back to school gear. The program is offered in two groups Weekday (January 2 & 3) and Weekends (January 4 & 5) in the morning (10 am to 1:30 pm) and afternoon (2:30 pm to 6:00 pm). 


Click here to view information on STRIVE programs.

THRIVE is a community aide program, which aims to provide support and enable children with a range of disabilities to participate in recreational, social, and community activities with other children.


Click here to view information on THRIVE programs.

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Children's Autism Services of Edmonton 12th Annual Autism Conference

Children's Autism Services of Edmonton is holding their 12th Annual Autism Conference on January 23-24th 2020 at the River Cree Resort & Casino.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet and hear from some amazing speakers including Dr. STEPHEN SHORE, Dr. AMY LAURENT, Dr. JODY CARRINGTON, and more!
  • Learn about; building relationships with students with autism, dealing with sleep and feeding challenges at home, addressing emotional regulation in the classroom, exploring neurodiversity, and more!
  • Participate in a parent networking luncheon and a VIP breakfast
  • View a free screening of "Autism Goes to College" on Thursday 23rd at 7:00pm facilitated by Dr. Jan Blacher

You can join them in-person at the Edmonton River Cree or participate by webcast to view many of their sessions from anywhere.

Click here to register and for more event information!

One of our amazing families needs your support! Check out their story and vote here!

One of our families is featured on Caregiver Stories. Please watch their story here and vote to show your support.


The CONNECTIONS SHOWCASE is thrilled to present the pilot episodes from TELUS Fund’s first ever, Special call for web series. TELUS Fund is looking for entertaining and engaging web series with the potential to positively impact families and friends providing care for loved ones struggling with a limiting condition.

From May 1st to May 19th 2017 we’re inviting Caregivers to preview TELUS Fund web series pilots, promote them across social networks, and vote for their favourites. Your participation will help influence the decisions on which pilots will share $500,000 from TELUS Fund to create up to 3 original, full length web series!​